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Writing well, writing in a readable or engaging way or conveying a message efficiently can be hard. Making sure that you have good grammar, good word choice and good readability can be hard if you are not regularly writing in a more formal manner. Whether writing for report, creating an article, writing a speech, completing an application, creating website content or in any other medium we can offer over 25 years of professional writing and editing experience to help you to write your important communications better. Badly written content can create a poor impression and could tip the balance in your favour for getting that job or university offer. Let us help you to make a better written impression.


Checking - Job or college application forms often today require you to write a personal statement and these statements play a very important role in the decision of whether or not your application is succesessful. In our checking service, we simply read through and correct core errors in grammar, syntax, word order, word selection, word sense and spelling (spellcheckers are not infallible). There are a large number of common traps into which writers can fall and we help you to avoid these and present a much improved written statement.

Core writing - in this service we undertake the actual writing of an article, letter or short document based on either a brief, a short draft, a re-write from an old document or one previously written but with which you are not happy. We restrict this service to shorter pieces such as articles or speeches and we do not work on academic theses/dissertations nor do we create CVs. In our checking service, however, we can check already written CVs.

Editing - Where larger documents require the services of an editor to proofread, sense check and cross-reference we can provide the services of experienced business-writing editors to help you bring essentially finished work to the final, polished state where it is ready for publication.

Get in touch to let us have an idea of what you need and we should be able to help you make that better written impression.

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