Simple, effective websites

Through our brand strikingly simple, we offer a very wide range of website services ranging from the most basic starter sites through to complex e-commerce sites selling thousands of product lines.

New sites - we can help you to build a new website from the ground up using robust and efficeint website coding and provide hosting on our state of the art cloud server facilities. Every site is built from scratch and we do simpy re-use existing site design that we have used for a previous customer - your site will be unique.

Graphical upgrades - where a website was designed some years ago, the look and feel of the pages can very easily become dated and this can reflect badly on your business. We can help you to bring your website up to date without changing any of the functionality of the pages or the services you offer. Often changes can be as simple as revising colour schemes, using new font-technologies to bring a far wider range of modern typefaces on to your site and moving the elements or navigation of the page elements around. If you want to use your own graphic designer to create concepts, we are happy to help convert those designs into a working website.

Functional upgrades - many websites start out with fixed content, rather like a printed newspaper or magazine article. Often a site owner will want to introduce greater functionality, create dynamic elements like slideshows or galleries, be able to interact with site visitors, show different elements in different circumstances or have the site execute functions that respond to input from customers. We can help add pretty much any functionality you need to your site - call us to discuss your requirements

Website rescue - many websites end up being half finished or have promised upgrades that fail to deliver. Here we can often help you to finish these projects and get your website back on track. In other cases, you may have a website where functions or systems have been installed that you would like simplified or removed without distrubing the site. We can't always help as we only work with websites that run on Linux or Unix servers, but as the majority of sites do use these technologies, there's a good chance we can help.

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