Virtual telephony

Modern telephone systems are able to work across the internet without the need for telco, exchanges or traditional call services. Using something called IP telephony you can now make calls using the same infrastructure that carries internet and email traffic. This allows considerable flexibility in what telecoms services domestic and business customer can use and also telecoms services can be provided at substantially lower cost, especially for second lines and small business installations.

UK Non-geographic numbers- We provide a range of non-geographic telelphone number services using the 08 number pre-fix offering freephone 0800m / 0808 lines, 0844/5 local rate numbers and 087 national rate calls. Freephone numbers can help boost customer traffic and 087 numbers can help you to support the cost of the likes of help lines or customer support without having to charge all customers a on-going service charge. All 08 numbers need to route to an established landline or mobile number.

Virtual location numbers - If you are based in London but want to provide a local profile to yourt business in, say Cambridge or Leeds or Bristol, we can provide regional phone numbers that allow customers to dial a local number yet all calls route back to your number in London. We can also provide UK numbers for businesses abroad or overseas numbers for businesses connecting with customers in other countries. This allows overseas customers to avoid expensive international calls and allows you to route their calls at low cost.

Call routing - Call forwarding is often expensive and inflexible with established Telcos. Internet telephony allows for higher flexible call forwarding and relaying with both manual and automatic (say evenings or weekends behaving differently from wroking hours) configurations for routing calls.

Switchboard services - traditional switchboard services such as 'on-hold' calls, caller option lists and multiple extensions are expesnive to install and operate. Using internet telephony all of the call management is remote and managed online leading to flexible and low cost options. For example, you can add and remove extensions or caller options on a month-by-month basis without the need for expensive fixed term contracts.

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