Personal and small business email

Easy2Mail has been offering specialist email services for perosnal users and small bsuinesses since 2006. We offer domain-based email that allows you to secure a permanent email address that is based based on the name of some global internet business or the name of your internet service provider. Domain-based email addresses are more perosnal and pertientn to you plus if you change internet service provider, you don't have to change your email address

Personal - we offer email packages with 1, 4 or 8 seprate mailboxes each capable of holding 1GB of mail and attachements. Use desktop mail propgrammes such as Outllok or LiveMail, your smartphone, our tablet or our internet-based webmail service to manage your mail.

Small business - for small business we offer larger numbers of mail boxes with flexible storage, management overview controls, email service backup, blogs, forums, file sharing and calendars along with the usual desktop or mobile email access. Every email service comes with a free domain name and unlimited sub-domains plus unlimited email aliases and mail forwarding.

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