e-commerce or trading websites

Every website needs to be located on a website server and provide facilities that allow vistors to reach your web pages - these sevices are knows a web hosting. We hosting is more than just providing storage space for page files; servers must also provide sufficient bandwidth and processing power to allow pages to load quickly. Hosting also manages email services and provides web apps such as blogging and photo galleries.


Static trading sites - A static e-commerce site is one that sells a small number of items or services and shoppers of the site will not fill a shopping cart but instead simply click a 'buy now' to either register the purchase or be taken to a payment site. There would not be a search function and each item being sold would have a fixed and dedicated webpage. These sites are quick to set up and have relatively low cost to develop.

Dynamic trading sites - A dynamic e-commerce website is one that has a larger range of products and customers will typically search for a product, be presented with a range products and will then purchase by filling a shopping cart. The customer will then checkout and proceed to a payment processing service.

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