Content management

Every website needs to be located on a website server and provide facilities that allow vistors to reach your web pages - these sevices are knows a web hosting. We hosting is more than just providing storage space for page files; servers must also provide sufficient bandwidth and processing power to allow pages to load quickly. Hosting also manages email services and provides web apps such as blogging and photo galleries.

Own content management - Here we will help you install a content managment system or CMS that will allow you to make changes to the content of your site in real time. We typically use an adpated version of a commercial blogging app such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla so that some users of the system will already be familar with the interface. Ideally the CMS would be set up when the site is built but we can 'retro-fit' a CMS into a site in many case although this can be a lengthly process on a larger site. Please contact us for a discusssion on what might be possible for your site.

Site maintenance contracts - We also offer an outsourcing service in which we will make changes to your website pages for you following instructions that you send us by email or using a form on our website. While this will involve on going charges, it is often a easier solution for you as the site owner as no additional work needs to be carried out, there is no lump sum fee for the work and we would normally be able to begin work on making changes immediately. Please contact us for an assesment of your website.

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